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Why choose us for Recruitment?

Consistent Growth

Expect licensed realtors in your CRM daily who are dying to come join your team

Hot Producing Leads

Get already licensed and producing agents that are simply looking to switch firms.

Personalized Funnel

No more having to explain to your recruit leads who’s calling. They come to you!

Globally Located

With our proven SSM funnel, this process works anywhere in the USA

Much Lower fees

We did a case study against ZipRecruiter & Indeed. The results? We cut cost by 70% and improved conversion rates by 80%.

Reliable Manager

Get a dedicated account manager upon signing up for any of our lead services.

SSL Security

All of the data and information we store here at RareLeads is SSL encrypted to ensure client safety.

Multiple Targeting

With our in house print tracking, we find exactly who your looking to attract.


Trusted by over 1000+ happy realtors nationwide to date.

Other Services

Most of the services listed are included in our “Beginner” tier!

Custom Tags

Easily track what type of lead came in with our meta tags and CRM sheet

Premium Designs

Receive over 15 pieces of premium content designed by our inhouse graphics team

Visual Builder

Get seen on Facebook marketing partners such as CNN, Fox, Vox, Dailynews and more

Turbo Pro

Turbo Pro is part of our print tracking that allows us to instatly retarget and re-engage past visitors

Simple & Powerful

A funnel so simple and powerful, nearly anyone who lays eyes on it, has to have it


Trust by over 1000 realtors nationwide