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RareLeads is a | Lead Funnel For Realtors

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Seller Leads

Find out how we generate our clients motivated seller leads using our Machine Learning and Print Tracking Artifical Intelligence systems.

Buyer Leads

The way we generate buyer leads is what seperates us from the competition. Generate hot leads daily with your own exclusive SMM funnel and start closing.

Recruiting Leads

Forget about ZipRecruiter and Indeed… Find out how we recruit qualified agents at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Start hiring already experienced agents.

IDX Projects

A professionally designed website all intergrated with your local MLS and more.

Custom Funnels

Have a funnel you want to build? Speak with us and lets see if were a fit.

Ad Creation

Get personalized ad creatives to ensure lead quality no matter what package you choose.

Over 20,000 leads generated every month

Start getting leads
Start getting leads

Get started today and see how we generate our leads through engaging with prospects prior to ever picking up the phone!

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Monthly Leads

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Avg. Leads A Day

At RareLeads our leads come with more information than usual. We get the leads budget and pre-approval status through our AI Clone.

Every lead will be pre-engaged with on your behalf. Essentialy, they think you were speaking to them for 10 minutes before you even reach out.

Based off of sheer volume alone, RareLeads offers you way more leads for your budget. Starting at just $10 a day you can expect up to 40+ leads a month.

Every client his handed over to a dedicated account manager. No customer service lines, no long waits. Your account manager has you covered from A-Z.

What can you expect out of this experience?

RareLeads is not just a lead service, it’s an experience. From the ultra-intelligent AI system to our personalized funnel, we changed the lead game. Have a look for yourself today!

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Clone Yourself And Engage With New Prospects

At RareLeads, we pre-qualify every lead before it is ever handed out to the realtor. We do this by engaging with the lead on behalf of the realtor. While engaging with the lead, we extract vital information such as budget, pre-approval status, and more.

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Create A Clone Now

 Instant Lead Notification And CRM Plugin

After a lead is prospected and gives us his information, you will receive an instant notifciation alerting you to the new lead. The lead can also instantly be inserted to over +1,000 CRM systems.

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